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Continuation of my YouTube commentary of “Miley Cyrus, Mind Control and the Illuminati”

To continue my post on Miley Cyrus… I’m also a firm believer that the ORIGINAL Miley Cyrus was killed and replaced prior to fame by doubles/multiple or cloned versions of herself. I would just like to throw in that celebrities and other public figures are NOT considered human, but are considered by their handlers as merely meat puppets — as well as sex toys/objects — and a “brand” to push agendas and to do the Illuminati’s bidding. Once these people’s programming breaks down — or they become obsolete and useless in other ways — then they’re eliminated and replaced with replicated versions of themselves, with clones who are more likely to do “their” bidding.

And before ANYONE thinks I’m crazy or beside myself about this cloning business, the Illuminati DOES indeed have the means to clone people, but us common people DO NOT, as it is WAY too expensive and a certain difficult and complex methods are involved in cloning that only “they” have access to. This is mostly hidden from the general public… HOWEVER the-powers-that-be DO drop hints in television, movies, and other areas of pop culture and the mainstream mass media that this sort of heinous drivel is being practiced behind closed doors. Our food is genetically-modified or manipulated — being half-natural or organic, half or mostly synthetic, processed or man-made — why not do human beings the same way?

The ability to clone people — as well as plants and animals, in addition to altering their DNA — has been around for centuries. Just like using a copy machine — or a printer — make copies of papers the globalist elite has the means to make copies of human beings. Us common people DO NOT have access to this sort of thing, which is why when people are told about they they either don’t understand what you’re talking about because it goes right over their heads, mock you or they just ignore you [which is EXACTLY what the Illuminati intended, as most folks are really dumbed-down, brainwashed and indoctrinated by “them”, anyhow]. It truly sounds like something out of “The Outer Limits” or some other story from the Sci-Fi/science fiction genre, but it’s going on behind our collective backs. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Since cloning technology will NEVER be perfected — although it’s good enough to pass off the clones as the actual people — the clones have to be replaced every 2-10 years, as they tend to wear out (or age prematurely and unnaturally) and become unstable in other ways, so they must be ‘put down’ or killed/murdered [or sacrificed] in some sort of satanic blood ritual. They’re easier to control than naturally-born human beings, but by a certain time their programming or mind-control has an expiration date, so they MUST be destroyed like rabid dogs, lest someone might become suspicious.

The truth/fact of the matter is that MOST — if not ALL of our so-called “stars”/celebs are fake — both metaphorically AND literally — and many of the details about their lives are NOT truth but LIES and DECEIT and NOTHING BUT. Since these people are living a lie, many things about their lives have been cooked up by their handlers for both PR/public relations [or publicity] AND propaganda. For example, I do NOT believe that anyone in Hollywood is legally married and that half — if not MOST or ALL — of the “females” fake their pregnancies (having their children either grown in test tubes or Petri dishes in laboratories or carried by anonymous surrogates, who are required to sign gag orders or secret contracts), which is why they get into shape so fast after “giving birth”.

I have ALWAYS found this to be rather suspicious… until God — praise Him — has revealed and made plain to me what was REALLY going on with this. Ladies, do NOT feel bad if these so-called “female” celebrities seem to get their bodies back in no-time-flat after ‘giving birth’; chances are that these “women” NEVER gave birth at ALL! So you women have NO reason to feel inadequate if your bodies don’t snap back like rubber bands instantly — if ever — after having your children.

Clones also tend to either age terribly and more rapidly than normal or have that frozen-in-time look (like American model “Kristy Brinkley”/Fristry Frinkley), like they never seem to age, even if 30-40 years have passed. Moreover if celebrity or public figure takes a long sabbatical and comes back looking, sounding, talking, acting, etc. different… even younger than they did before, then that’s ALSO a sign that that either the original person has been impostor-ed or that the impostors have been snuffed out and replaced by yet another set of impostors [by i.e., cloning or a hired celebrity sound/look-alike]. Moreover when a public figure comes back on the scene looking, behaving, sounding, etc. different — whether slightly or by a margin — then it is NOT plastic/cosmetic surgery that’s done the trick [although there IS some of that involved many times]; it’s just that that person’s — or set of clones — been killed and replaced by another crop of clones.

Beyoncé — or Feyoncé Fowles-Farter, as the REAL Beyoncé — who was smart, sweet and humble — was taken out and replaced long before and replaced with a string of impostors who are evil, unattractive, tranny-looking, looks plastic and acts mechanical and drugged and spaced out, etc. have stolen her identity and pretended to BE her ever since being the catalyst for this sort of evil. “She” — as I have my doubts about her being 100% female, as is the case with many clones — won’t be the first NOR last to be involved in this sort of wickedness.

But if the Illuminati can’t be bothered with cloning, then they will just hire look-alikes to replace the ACTUAL person in question. But clones are human being in every respect the rest of us are — having the memories of the original person transferred to them, as seen in Johnny Depp’s movie “Transcendence” (2014) — but they are “born/hatched” out of a test tube or Petri Dish in some very secret, sordid underground laboratory owned by the ruling elite. Moreover clones DO NOT live as long because of the very accelerated process of their growth and development, so they have to be


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