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Celebrity Doubles/Multiples, Clones &/or Replacements (or Repla-CIA-ments), featuring Kate Moss & Lindsay Lohan

I’d like to post a series of images further proving the phenomenon of celebrity doubles & replacements that frequently occurs, which a some sort of sick pattern — even a routine ritual — that those in high places like to conduct. Some of the individuals you may be acquainted with, others, not, so bear with me; but that’s irrelevant, because it makes a valid, important point. Little do TPTB (the-powers-that-be) know is that those comparison images (on Google Images, as well as images from other search engines) actually prove celebrity stand-ins, doubles/multiples, clones and/or replacements — more than ANYTHING I can think of — than they do [these] said celebrities and other public figures aging badly and/or having going under the knife (having plastic or cosmetic surgery). Little do “they” know that images like these are a gold mine/the mother lode (a key piece of evidence of stand-ins, doubles/multiples, clones and/or repla-CIA-ments) for those of us conspiracy “theorists” [or REALISTS, lol], us folk(s) ‘in-the-know’. Here goes (moreover I’m doing this just to free up some hard drive space):

1) Kate Moss – British model, prostitute, and ugly, non-talented, overrated, tomboy-looking coke/crackhead that everyone’s making such a big fuss over. Replaced pre-“fame”, based on some pictures I saw over on the Döppels board. The 2011 one reminds me of British/Irish-born, American-raised model/actress and fashion designer Mischa Barton [b. 24 January 1986, just 12 years after Kate Moss was born].

Ironically, she actually looks decent in the above photo (from 2005). SOURCE

2) Lindsay Lohan – American actress. I’ve ALWAYS wondered how and why she got crazier over the years; NOW. I. KNOW. WHY. I’d also like to add that — based on the other photo comps I’ve seen — I now KNOW why the original [child star] Lilo looked slightly different from the older, early, attractive, curvaceous, slightly shorter, stockier doubles/multiples that starred in Mean Girls [2004].

As you can also see, Lilo has had doubles, multiples, clones &/or replacements — or repla-CIA-ments — from day one, both past & present. Based on a quote I’ve read from her father(s) [“Michael Lohan”/Fichael Fohan] some time ago, even HE — as well as her mom(s) — is aware of the fact that his original daughter is LONG gone; one only needs to read between the lines.

In the last/5th image — of the comp images of Exhibit A, as well as the first of six photos in Exhibit A.1 comp — she’s a splitting image of her Italian/Irish mum (see Exhibit A.3), “Dina” [or Fina, as she’s also been replaced and is the false, fake, faux, fraudulent, phony Dina Lohan (born Donata Melina Nicolette Sullivan)]; her father is of Irish descent.

Additionally, I KNOW that Dina Lohan was replaced at some point in time — it’s unknown as to when — because the horse-faced tranny that poses as her (see Exhibit A.3) has that terrible, horrible, no-good/account, very bad fake (bleach) blond hair [and extension(s)] dye job, looks noticeably less attractive and feminine [looks plainer and more masculine, in addition to a blank, frozen, soulless stare that clones tend to have] than the real deal (see the brunette lady in Exhibit A.2 with one of her children).

Just in case anyone doesn’t already know this… whenever they (kidnap, murder AND) replace someone, ‘they’ also replace — and clone — everyone else within that person’s circle immediate circle, whether it be family, friends, staff, colleagues, acquaintances, management, entourage, etc. for obvious reasons.

I initially thought LiLo was British… she used an “upper crust” English accent in her debut film/movie/motion picture The Parent Trap (1998)  wherein she has an American twin — they were separated at birth — but was surprised to learn that she was American AND from New York. Based on what I’ve gathered from twinning… in this case of Lindsay Lohan, I believe part of the reason she was chosen for this role is because it was just art imitating life here. In a nutshell it was likely that Lilo had a twin sister — or a clone that came into the picture later on in her childhood, as is the case with many others I know of — and they shared the same identity until either one (or both) were taken out/killed by a certain time [and repla-CIA-ed with impostors by the Illuminati or globalist elite later on] for some sick reason or another.


In the “After” pictures in comp(arison) Exhibits B-G it’s plain to see the extent of the amount of damage that crack/cocaine can do to a person’s nose, which deforms it, causing it to be misshapen and/or put holes in it internally [as was the case w/ “Whitney Houston” [s]or Fhitney Fouston[/s], as the coroners found holes in her nasal passages from so much crack-cocaine use post-mortem]. Furthermore, in the “Before” images you can see how soft, smooth, shiny, silky and healthy “Lindsay’s” hair (in addition to whatever extensions she happens to wear) looks as opposed to the “After” photos, which show it to be dull, dry, limp, fried, brittle and damaged. This could be due to few factors, which are bleaching, dye jobs, in addition to heavy smoking, drug and alcohol use, which also makes the hair look less than healthy.

The skin of these various “Lindsay Lohan”/Findsay Fohan impostors — in the “After” pictures — also looks unhealthy, due to the reasons I’ve already mentioned, and it appears in many of the ‘After’ pics that ‘she’ is — or they are — stoned out of her/their mind(s). Moreover their expressions and countenances are off to me. In other words these Findsays look sneaky, creepy, sinister, demonic/satanic, scared, panicked, mean-looking, even sad. A stark contrast to the previous Lindsay(s) happy, friendly, smiling-faced, easygoing disposition(s).

I’ll say that it’s clear to me that the Findsay Fohans have undergone extensive SRA — or Satanic Ritual Abuse — which also adds to their aged, horrendous outer (as well as inner, which extends to the exterior) appearance. Deprivation of food, water and sleep, electroshock, etc. — and the large amounts of stress and trauma associated with these — are but a few methods of SRA and/or trauma [even occult] based programming and mind control. These are but one of few things the Findsays’ old looks stem from.

The handler(s) of the Findsays also had their hair dyed ANYTHING except black or red (all shades of blond, including strawberry/reddish-blond) to disguise the fact that the previous batch of Lindsays — of whom I not only liked better but they were significantly more attractive or pleasing to look at — have been wiped out and replaced [or repla-CIA-ed] with the current batch of sorry-excuse-for-Lindsay-Lohans, beginning in 2007. It’s also obvious that these people {who have stepped into the role of Lindsay Lohan} have been pumped with lots of botox and undergone multiple knife works in order to hide that they’re impostors.

But in addition to the heavy smoking, drinking and drug use/abuse clones also tend to age badly/prematurely, or faster/more rapidly than normal/what is natural or acceptable; so therefore they must be replaced every few/several years or so. In addition the clones’ programming tends to break down — or become unstable in other ways — thus leading up to the point of them being sacrificed by certain satanic holidays and making way for another batch of clones to take their place(s). That’s why the cloned so-called “stars” or celebrities of today either look very strange [almost non-human, even monstrous or demonic] or look little to nothing like the people they’ve not only repla-CIA-ed years previous, but like the originals they’re pretending to be.

[Not only are the replaced public figures — both small and great — usually cloned, there’s also the option of look and sound-alikes being hired to assume their identity, take their place and hoodwink the public into thinking they’re that singular, original person the whole time. But the spell has been broken over some of us so that we can see crystal-clear to the truth (Yours Truly notwithstanding).]

As a result, things have been downhill for the Lindsay Lohan {brand name} ever since. (Is it a way to sully Lindsay Lohan’s reputation, as they’ve did so many before AND after her [i.e., via the ORIGINAL Beatles, Charlie Chaplin and others, who were actually good, sweet, nice, wholesome, smart, strong people who stayed away from the VERY things their impostors were VERY much guilty of], that is having these impostor-ed people to constantly be in the press for doing infamous, bad things?)

Based on the images above — as a picture is worth a thousand words — it’s apparent that celebrities are considered BRANDS and NOT actual human beings who have feelings, thoughts, reasoning, emotions, etc. by ANY stretch of the imagination; so for that reason the BRAND NAME — specifically of that of the aforementioned individuals — has been portrayed a revolving door of doubles/multiples and/or clones over the years. In other words different people have been playing the role of KATE MOSS and LINDSAY LOHAN [and successfully fooling and/or confusing the public, which is part of the purpose of this] in the spotlight/public eye over the years.

There’s enough discrepancies in the facial features of these “females” (as I have my doubts about all of them being female, as with the latest controversy surrounding “Michelle R. Obama’s”/Fichelle F’Obama’s ACTUAL gender, which is likely MALE, but more on that later on) to betray the fact that not only have the ORIGINAL people been replaced — likely due to ritual [blood] sacrifice(s), or murder, by a certain time — but different persons have stepped into (and hijacked, or co-opted) their ACTUAL person’s identity over the years.

But MOST of all the clones — even the recruited-by-the-CIA sound-and-look-alikes — are NEVER as good-looking, attractive, talented, happy, charismatic, nice, wholesome, classy, well-dressed, clean-cut, etc. as the ORIGINALS the public has been double-crossed about, and are in many other ways lesser beings than the actual people they’ve taken the place of. As I heard a preacher say, “God made you special and unique, different from any other human being that has ever lived; DON’T die a cheap copy of someone else”. And there’s a LOT of truth to that.

That said, NOTHING. IS. REAL. within the entertainment industry. More coming up another time.


5 thoughts on “Celebrity Doubles/Multiples, Clones &/or Replacements (or Repla-CIA-ments), featuring Kate Moss & Lindsay Lohan

  1. Don’t forget, she was introduced through the Disney system. Notice how many strange “stars” were first introduced into Disney like Britney Spear, Christine Aguilera…etc.not to mention Miley Cyrus….This is not a place for children.

    1. Indeed Disney is NOT a place for children… it never has been, nor never will be. The sexualization of children, the destruction of their innocence and promotion of pedophilia is yet another stepping stone to destroy society.

      Thanks for posting your thoughts. ;D

  2. I decorate cakes for a living and I’m really disturbed at the amount of sheeple who allow their children to watch stuff like “Frozen” and I’m sick of decorating that cake. Yecch. I got some free premium channels on DirectTV and saw about 5 minutes of that film and of course, what did I see? A witch. People have no clue that they are subjecting their children to dangerous things with witchcraft. Disney films are infiltrated with witches and it makes me sick. Is there little wonder why the youth are are screwed up? I’m being a realist and people hate seeing their reflection as it is. They look into carnival mirrors and the images they see are not real. If you catch my drift. People just refuse to listen when people sound the alarms as to how bad Disney is. I cringe. I literally cringe.

  3. I noticed that too – Disney brings them in clean & innocent then they come out way beyond fucked up! Examples : Miley Cyrus & Raven Symone , even that Lalaine Character from Lizzie McGuire became a drug addict after that show ended! I knew Disney changed people in a bad way – even cartoons are almost non existence on those channels.

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