3 thoughts on “Celebrity Doubles/Multiples, Clones &/or Replacements (or Repla-CIA-ments), featuring Leona Lewis & Nicholas Cage

  1. The eyes are the window into the soul. Look into the eyes of these replacements and you don’t see a soul. It’s like looking at a mannequin, or a wax museum figure. They look more realistic. I get an eerie feeling looking at these lifeless creatures.

    I also grieve to see the beauty that was in the features of the real Leona. The replacements always have this plastic look to them. It’s creepy anymore. I feel so strange at this moment in history.

    I make mention of this because true Christians are being sifted from among those who pretend to be Christian and spiritual. And when you see these famous people, I feel like I’m living in a parallel universe. I’m living and breathing, but feel so far from the stuff going on in the world. Does that make any sense?

    I go to forums exposing replacements and other truth seeking places and when you try to share the “truth”, nobody wants to hear it, or you’re bashed for your beliefs as if you are a nut or “intolerant” or “hateful” person. Whether it’s religion or PID, it’s like where are these people from? It’s like the brains are sucked out of their heads and they are functioning with cotton balls. People are deceived and they just seem to be happy in their ostrich holes.

    So their idea of “talent” or “beauty” is like, what? You call that pretty? She looks like she came off the street corner. You call that singing? It sounds like a lovesick hippo mating call.

    Maybe it’s a blood moon and we’re in another dimentsion…..

  2. OMG! You read my mind I been a fan of LL forever! (since the x-factor 06′ and before that because she already had a singing record before she entered the x-factor and a album! and I was shocked to see she had already been to America before in 2004 there is video of her at a Black Film festival in Hollywood http://youtu.be/qd5MV3R4afg check it out! I thought she never been to America because her #1 song Bleeding Love in 2008 got her even more exposure and a trip to America lol! if I were her I would have BEEN audition for American Idol in America! Just think if Leona Leiws Audition for American Idol in 2006 instead of X-Factor UK 06′ the same year Jordin Sparks audition and won in 2006 the competition would have been stiff.

    Anyways I was bummed to find out she wasn’t really a “receptionist” that knew she wanted to sing but never got the opportunity. At least that’s what these shows promote to relate to the masses, but she’s been singing her whole life heck she attended the same school that Jessie J and Adele went to. Anyways while on the show she did great! but afterwards I noticed they changed her looks especially when she came back to the x-factor to performed Bleeding Love http://youtu.be/5NDo0zUajww check it out!. I always felt that they “killed” her after the x-factor was over but so much was going on she just lost her cousin Billy to cancer which she sung Over the Rainbow on x-factor and then her grandmother had past too so I can see why she took a break right after she won.

    It was fine while on the show she was cute and innocent for 21 years old and coming from a mixed background embracing her ethnic look and ringlet curls inspiring other women of color/mixed backgrounds. She had powerhouse vocals and glowing skin to add to the cherry on top! I was happy they found someone down to earth that didn’t over do it Leona kept it classy. The album cover for the x-factor winner looked great she rocked a natural and glowing skin.

    Although she reappeared in 2008 she now had “the look” that the media was looking for. Next thing you know I’m staring at her album Spirit and I’m like her hair went from an afo-texture to a very, very loose curl, her eye color done change and the music on the album didn’t really suit her style and voice. Bleeding Love was the best the track also Better in Time,Whatever it Takes (cause she wrote it) and Forgive Me cause its uptempo. And the rest of her albums just didn’t fit her or bring that much success.

    Fast forward everyone knows that Leona Lewis is mixed race she didn’t exactly inherent her white mothers nose thus giving her an “ethnic nose” (I love my ethnic nose too!) she is of Guyanese descent and has her dads nose but I think they forced her to get a nose job or she willingly did it cause she thought it was going to help further her career and make her look less “ethnic” or that’s NOT the real Leona Lewis but I’ve done my research and can tell you that it’s Leona Lewis I compared body parts through the years such has hands and feet things that surgery can’t alter to make sure its Leona. They haven’t replaced her yet they just been making that girl get A LOT of surgery I read where she admitted getting laser eye surgery but I also think she got more than laser eye surgery cause her eye color has changed (maybe it is contacts) I tried looking at her instagram but LL filters her face which makes it hard for me to get a good look sometimes they look blue sometimes they look green.

    Don’t even get me started on her skin tone she keeps getting whiter and whiter and whiter her skin tone just isn’t white it’s unnatural. I miss the original Leona Lewis too and her hair for havens sake isn’t the best grade of weave I mean I don’t have the kind of money she does but I know she can afford a good grade of hair. She’s is really cheap on herself.

    I tried to accept the Leona Lewis that is in front of me. I watched this girl from 21 years old to 29 years old even younger videos of her on youtube. She’ll be 30 this year and I’ve given up she wants to be under mind control. She wants to a part of the Illuminati just look at what shes done to herself. Her inner beauty and outer beauty are GONE. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her from the beginning I can look at her and see the real Leona Lewis doesn’t exist in the way she used to.

    I would watch her live performances and interviews and listen to her music day in and day out she inspired me SO much. I thought for once FINALLY somebody sweet, diverse, morals and values, sold class and not trash, positive influence and has a gift for singing slipped through the cracks of that industry. Now when I see her current performances along with that unrealistic nose job of hers which f—d up her singing made me realize there’s something not right about this woman after writing all this maybe she is “dead” I just don’t want anymore do with it.


    I’m not saying Leona Lewis is part of the Illuminati but this girl has changed since 2006. I’m a HUGE Leona fan, but even I notice the changes made to this girl and yes there are things about her on YT and Google but it is hard to notice the “changes” because we still see her as “that Leona Lewis”. They made changes to her nose

    They made her gain weight

    They made her mark her beautiful body with tattoos

    They made her take the emotion out of Bleeding Love it’s sounds so dry now

    She recorded Rihanna song first ” We Found Love” and then take it away from her seeing if she can handle the Illuminati pressure cause we all know Rihanna is a Illumnati princess

    Her album Glass Heart didn’t do to well because lack of promotion and plus Simon Cowell was busy with 1D (one direction)

    Just recently Simon Cowell was talking about his X-factor success’s on twitter and he PURPOSELY spelled Leona Lewis name wrong! How can you misspell the best thing that ever happen to you! He couldn’t praise her because she’s not Illuminati

    I do feel bad for Leona Lewis because she’s is turning look at her “Love Bird” video and in the video you see the white and black checkered board floors that represents Illuminati just like her “Better in Time” video

    Don’t even get me started on her twerking video just because Miley Cyrus who is an Illuminati wannabe goes around twerking why would Leona Lewis a Class Act a woman of her standards even stoop that low trying to be a Illuminati worshiper and if you listen you can hear Jay-Z’s track Leona’s twerking to.

    I’m not saying anything but this what I’ve been observing I still like Leona Lewis she doesn’t make the lists because she isn’t slutty enough. Plus people seem almost afraid of exotic beauty, her voice is incredible, shes extremely pretty and talented. Her management chooses the worst singles off her albums, don’t promote enough and take enormous gaps between releases. She has the potential to be much much BIGGER but at the Illuminati expense.

    Leona Lewis was trying to become a singer before X-Factor.” I want people to hear the real Leona Lewis and “The Best Kept Secret” album embodies the true Leona Lewis” – Barry Offoh ( CEO of UEG Music)

    So not to get it confused she’s not just some “random girl” who walked into the X-factor auditions, she is already a pro singer & had a record contact. She terminated her contact to appear on X Factor. She wasn’t a receptionist. I’m just saying….

    1. The songs that you named by Leona are some of my favorite from her debut album, in addition to Angel.

      The reason why all of these negative changes have taken place with this Leona Lewis product — and that’s what those within the entertainment industry (including the ORIGINAL person, even while they are still yet alive) are counted as, as they are NOT considered human — and it’s all because she is NO LONGER with us; she has been killed/murdered off, cloned and impostor-replaced. This is also why her physical appearance has changed over time. Her eye color — as I pointed out in the above post — BOTH her cousin and grandfather passing during the show was/is also suspect to me (because they were likely ritually blood-sacrificed so that LL could have commercial success, as this is a requirement). But do NOT worry… L.L. did NOT have a say in this matter, poor thing.

      I must also add that Leona Lewis is also TRANSGENDER, because she shows many of the typical signs of one who was born a boy/biologically MALE. Moreover, MOST — if not ALL — within the entertainment industry [and other was pre-selected to appear on the show, as MOST {if not ALL} celebrities’] have had their sex or gender switched out from birth because their lives are planned or mapped out before them shortly before OR after they are conceived, so LL was one of the “Chosen Ones” to be in showbiz. And don’t fret… I (personally) don’t believe that L.L. had ‘sold her soul’, because she — like so many BEFORE her — had little to no say or choice as to whether or not s/he would become famous; the Illuminati had chosen her — and so many others — for the purpose of fame.

      I can also say — with the UTMOST certainty — that Simon Cowell is a dead and cloned WOMAN/FEMALE who was snuffed out back in his/her 20’s, because almost NONE live past the age of 30, because this is the time when that person’s programming and MK/Monarch mind control breaks down beyond repair, and the-powers-that-be NO longer have any more use for that person. Additionally, the person will also recover all of their suppressed memories of abuse and sick, twisted, abominable, etc. rituals that they had to undergo. This motivates the individual to threaten to COME FORTH with the new, overwhelming information that they’ve been faced with, but the Illuminati usually steps us and puts a stop to it, silencing the person before that person can do so. On top of [all of] that, the individual likely finds Jesus Christ, which is a SUREFIRE way that their occult and trauma-based programming and mind control will reverse itself and can NEVER be put back into place. The person the person is thus “taken care of”, and in the most brutal manner possible.

      Simon(e) Cowell ACTS as if (s)he KNOWS and can APPRECIATE good talent when s/he sees it, but NO, I don’t THINK so! I mean, have you SEEN the talent that has come outta the music industry in recent years? When so-called “artists” like New Direction have taken over the music scene, you KNOW that the music industry is in TROUBLE and is circling the drain. I’ve NEVER been a fan of ND and I never WILL be! They’re all female-to-male transgenders, especially that Harry Styles.

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