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The Death and Repla-CIA-ment of Actor/Comedian David Chappelle… In Addition to a Snippet of the UGLY, NAKED TRUTH About the Death of Amy Winehouse

This is about the murder and impostor-replacement of various public figures, both big small.

The below video is creepy Jewish Bravo TV host James Lipton conducting an interview with black actor/comedian David Chappelle [NOT to be confused with that creepy Illuminati-affiliated celebrity photographer David LaChapelle]. I got quite an education from watching it.

It is VERY obvious that Dave Chappelle was replaced (or repla-CIA-ed) some time after the above interview based on my trained eye(s) and observations — as well as comparisons — stemming from the below interview [with American late-(talk/chat) show host/”comedian” ‘Dave Letterman’/Fave Fetterman, because he — Favid Fhappelle — not only LOOKS different {has darker skin, looks “ill/sick” swollen as opposed to “gained weight” swollen, like older clones tend to look}, but SOUNDS different {voice is noticeably deeper/lower}, as well in the below interview.

I’ve also taken note of the fact that F. Fhappelle beats about the bush, too, as if he’s retracted the (unapologetic, truthful, uncensored) statements his original made in the previous videos. There’s not a single, solitary doubt in my mind that his — Fave Fhappelle’s handlers — told him what to say in the below interview with Fetterman. Either that or he’s under some kind of heavy, trauma-based mind control/programming. He/the impostor — “Dave Chappelle”/Favid Fhappelle” — also stoops as low as to only talking in circles and riddles (although NOT riddles for those of us ‘in-the-know’ about this sort of foolishness) about money, fame & fortune. I was very disappointed — NOT in D.C. necessarily, as he’s already been murdered and impostor-replaced, like so many long before AND afterwards — but in the interview as a whole. NOTHING. IS. REAL.

But then again I expect most ANYTHING when two impostors are having an empty, insipid, pointless, meaningless conversation talking about nothing [nonsensical stuff that no one in their right mind cares about] on national television. (It’s no wonder the sheeple are so dumbed-down and brainwashed. Of COURSE they’re gonna be due to wasting their valuable, precious, non-renewable time watching trash/garbage like this on a regular basis throughout most of their lives, thinking that’s how real life actually is.) I don’t expect clones to be that intelligent, anyhow. If they ARE (which is sometimes the case), then chances are their they’re forced by their handlers to suppress it in a bevvy of ways for a myriad of reasons.

I would ALSO like to add that Dave Letterman has been replaced too, no doubt about it, as NO ONE is counted as special and exempt from this sort of demonology. The Dave Letterman of long ago looks — and acts — different from the the “Dave Letterman” of today. Both men in the below video exude very different auras/vibes/energy profiles than their original — and deceased — counterparts. They’re also less talented and charismatic — not to mention less truthful/more pretentious — than their real/true predecessors. The interview is rather contrived and insincere [in addition to cringe-worthy], if you ask me. Scary stuff and high strangeness, indeed.

Here’s what I said over @ YouTube:

There IS another rather ugly, sinister part/side to this Illuminati and the entertainment industry than we’re being let on about, just as I’ve suspected for as long as I can remember. It’s (in fact) SO evil and SO beyond the pale that when I try to share it with others most of them either DO NOT believe it or it’s lost on them/goes right over their heads because it’s just so hard to grasp that people can be so EVIL. I’ve tried to explain myself over in the comment’s section underneath Amy Winehouse’s video ‘Back To Black’, but was laughed outta there.

All I’ll say about it — for the sake of brevity — is that the systematic ritualistic sacrifice/murder of perfectly-healthy people [and their replacement with lesser-in-many-ways impostors] is a regular occurrence in the entertainment industry. With the knowledge I’ve already gained, it is VERY likely that most — if not all — DO NOT live past the age of 30 within the entertainment industry, as well as politics. This is also the time when a mind-control slave’s programming begins to fail/break down.

I tried to tell others there what REALLY happened to the (original) Amy Winehouse, as opposed to the hogwash and claptrap the mainstream mass media has force-fed the common public. To make a long story short this beautiful, classy curvaceous Jewess was taken out — in 2004 at the age of 20 and subsequently impostor-replaced, as ALL celebrities, politicians, statesmen & many other public figures, both small & great eventually are — and NOT 2011 at 27 like the-powers-that-be WANTS us to believe. I feel that she deserves all justice she can get at this time that comes partially from revealing the TRUTH about her disappearance.

I feared that I would be mocked, made fun of, disbelieved, even ignored, & sure enough I was. People DO NOT wanna face the truth; no matter WHAT they saw with their OWN naked eyes they’ll STILL fall for the Devil’s lie and REJECT the truth. But it’s just as well that I’ve done my job in revealing the TRUTH, so that way I will NOT have anyone’s blood on my hands when I face God Almighty at the Final Judgment. Then we’ll finally see not only who was telling the truth the whole entire time, but we’ll see who will be laughing at it, as well. Well, as unpleasant as the truth is it will NEVER change, and there were times in my own life when I’ve had to come to terms with it.

There’s more Freudian Slips in the above interviews, if I’ve ever seen any, than I can count. When I combine what he’s saying with what I already know then things REALLY come together and make A LOT of sense to me.

A darn good place to start — in order to learn about celebrity murders and subsequent impostor-replacements — is check out anything ‘Paul (McCartney) Is Dead’ videos here on YouTube. But I must warn you [whoever you are] that the “rabbit hole/warren” in regards to this sort of topic goes deeper (and is far more disturbing) than you’ll EVER know — I’m STILL yet learning new stuff about this after learning about almost a year ago, so it’s a never-ending journey — so tread carefully, because this sort of subject is NOT for everyone, mainly because it’s WAY too much for most to get a grasp/handle on… mainly because it’s VERY much contrary to all of the lies and deceitful, agenda-bent propaganda that the dumb, stupid, ignorant sheeple masses have been indoctrinated, dumbed-down and brainwashing into believing all of their lives, courtesy of the corporate Illuminati-controlled mainstream mass media.

Moving on… I’m hope that some of you recognize the difference between the actual Dave Chappelle and the impostor(s) that took his place some time later on. The key — to spotting CIA-lebrities — is having a trained eye. That way you’ll know when your favorite celebs have been replaced.

I also admire D.C. for having the courage to not only speak out against the mess that goes on underneath the surface of the entertainment industry, although it eventually cost him his life. (I don’t know the specifics of that situation, nor WANT to… I just KNOW that David Chappelle was murdered and repla-CIA-ed. I would rather find out all of the gory details at the Last Judgment b/c only then I KNOW that something will be done about it in that time. Moreover I’ll get to speak up about & confront the people responsible for the deaths — and repla-CIA-ments — of countless innocent people.)

I recommend that you watch the first two videos — Parts 1 AND 2 — of Dave Chappelle’s interview b/c not only is there a LOT of tea in there, there’s jewels of wisdom and you’ll learn a little more. On top o’ that Dave’s commentary will further solidify/affirm the mess we’ve been discussing for months. I personally believe that David Chappelle’s father was either sacrificed — being made terminally-ill until he’d finally died, as what usually happens to the loved ones of those in the entertainment industry — or out & downright murdered.

And also the situation wherein D.C. — a modern-day black man — moves way out in the country on a farm in the middle of nowhere… what’s up with that? It was unlike him to do that… in addition to escaping off to Africa. I believe there was more to that story that he [was permitted] to reveal. When I watched D.C. in that movie Undercover Brother (2002) he was a conspiracy ‘theorist’/realist, but was mocked/made fun of, marginalized and ignored… y’know, NOT taken seriously when he begins spouting off about the very jacked-up things that take place in this world. [It’s been a while since I’ve seen the film, so I don’t really remember what it was he was going on about].


4 thoughts on “The Death and Repla-CIA-ment of Actor/Comedian David Chappelle… In Addition to a Snippet of the UGLY, NAKED TRUTH About the Death of Amy Winehouse

  1. I agree with everything you’ve written here. The real Chappelle would have made a joke out of the “paranoia” and not have been so passive when questioned.
    I’ll miss him.

  2. Why don’t you SAY in concrete words what you really saw instead of leading us round and round in circles…?

  3. I feel you but you need to add more details as to why you came to these conclusions, so that others who haven’t researched for over a year can understand; after all, is this article for you or to enlighten others? Thanks for your posting, I concur 100% that DC has been replaced, very sad but it’s blatant.

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