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My Personal Commentary Derived from YouTube In Regards to CIA-lebrities and Impostor-Repla-CIA-ment

I’ve never really known the ACTUAL year of Osama bin Laden’s death (late 2001)… I just KNOW that he didn’t die when the Illuminati-controlled mainstream mass media SAID he did [remember when the breaking news came on, saying that they’d “captured” OBL, killed him and got his body, which was filmed on a Navy ship being ‘buried’ at sea]. Being a conspiracy theorist/realist I ALWAYS knew that there was something very FAKE and CONTRIVED — and NOT just about that so-called fake-looking “corpse” of Osama bin Laden, either, as it looked more like a theater prop than ANYTHING I’d EVER seen in my whole life, anyway — about that news report. Of course, if the mainstream mass media reports and publishes something I take it as a grain of salt because it’s always slanted/biased in favor of fascist, Marxist, socialist, communist, New World Order propaganda, angle and agenda, anyhow. It’s also funny/ironic that Osama bin Laden died mere months after 9/11 (which was an false flag, inside job, courtesy of our own elitist government). Did he know too much, rebelling against ‘The Plan’ and threatening to spill the beans, which was why he was eliminated? Who knows. The individuals within the arena of politics, the entertainment industry, etc. are NOT who they pretend to be. NOTHING. IS. REAL.

For example — thanks to this cloning business that’s been going on for centuries — “they” often ritually kill/murder/sacrifice influential, prominent, famous public figures [both big AND small] and replace them with living, breathing human copies or impostors (hence clones) of the original person. In spite of all the the cloning they do I DO NOT rule out the possibility that military CIA-sponsored look-alike, sound-alike impersonators are also hired to take the original person’s place, who was likely abducted and murdered for becoming FED UP and thus rebelling against — or threatening to expose — the specifics of the very evil, wicked, corrupt workings of the globalist elite and their handlers.

Bottom line? At the end of the day, when it boils/comes down to it, when the rubber meets the road also understand — and bear in mind — this; there’s a certain amount of time between the time the original person was killed and the time that the globalist elite decides that it’s high-time that the file be closed on the “brand”. Speaking of which, the people we look up to and think are SO great, idolizing them and lifting them up to godlike status are NOT considered living, breathing human beings with feelings, thoughts, reasoning, personalities and emotions, etc. by ANY stretch of the imagination; they’re considered a ‘brand’, a mere vehicle to make money for their handlers, but most of all push the propaganda[s], angles and agendas of the-powers-that-be, distract the masses from what’s REALLY important and hurl the world towards the New World Order, the Antichrist coming to power, Martial Law and a Totalitarian (Police State) Government. So far it’s working, and “their” plans are right on-track.

Back to the point of the previous paragraph… I strongly believe that Michael Jackson (for instance) was actually killed and impostor-replaced some time between 1979-1984, but the Michael Jackson “brand” wasn’t ended until 25-30 years later in June 2009. (I now KNOW why I never like Michael after the ‘Thriller’ era, when he got lighter and lighter, looked, sounded and acted less and less like the original MJ, not to mention weirder and weirder until we no longer recognized him at ALL. It’s virtually IMPOSSIBLE for someone to change their race, anyhow… unless we’ve been presented with different people posing as ‘Michael’ over the years.) Even DECADES after the man has died and gone on “they” are still dragging his [good] name through the mud, making money off of not only him, but his gravely-deceived fans. The same thing goes for John Lennon… who actually died somewhere between 1964-1966 or the mid-1960s, along with the rest of his Beatles’ band mates — but the “John Lennon brand” wasn’t shut/closed down until 1980.

(The Fohn Fennon impostors not only looked, dressed and acted NOTHING like the ORIGINAL John Lennon — as they had smaller, skinnier bodily frames and beak noses and mean, bitter, obnoxious personalities, whereas John Lennon was naturally more stocky and muscular and had a shorter, straighter nose — they DID NOT possess the REAL John Lennon’s  drop-dead good looks and domineering, witty, funny, happy, clean-cut, well-dressed, loving, caring, family-man, charismatic, talented persona.)

What adds insult to injury is both the original person [before their death(s), of course] AND the impostors also have doubles, which are meant to confuse/confounded the already-indoctrinated, dumb-downed, brainwashed sheeple masses. These people look enough alike to pass off as one person, but if you look at them more closely there’s enough discrepancies of their physical traits, characteristics, mannerisms, personalities, etc. to betray the fact that all of these people are indeed NOT the same individual. This is also where cloning — or human simulacra — comes into play. After all… it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for one SINGLE individual to do THAT many public appearances — photo shoots/sessions, autograph signings, press conferences, movies, music videos, recording studios, live performances, meet-and-greets, etc. — unless, of course they have the help of clones, doubles/multiples [and hired look-and-sound-alike impersonators], of course.


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