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The Death, Cloning & Repla-CIA-ment of Pete Wentz, As Well as Chicago, Illinois-based Band Fall Out Boy (Part 1)

I would like to take a moment to introduce to a member of the Chicago, IL-based band, Fall Out Boy. His name is Peter Lewis Kingston “Pete” Wentz, and he was born June 5th, 1979. His maternal grandfather is black and is originally from Jamaica (Arthur Winston Lewis, who served as a U.S. ambassador to Sierra Leone, which I’m guessing where his ancestry lies) & immigrated here to America, and it appears as though his father is half (or part) Jewish; his mother is half-Hawaiian/half-black. He got his hazel eyes from his mother’s brown ones and his father’s blue ones. He looks mostly like his mother, who’s a nice-looking lady (although she is NOT the original Dale Lewis).

(I now know where he gets his curly, kinky hair from, although I’d always thought he was half-Hawaiian like his label-mate Brendon Urie… but it turns out that his mom is black & Hawaiian [she may possibly have some white in her as well.)

Pete Wentz as an adorable toddler w/ his parents (ca. 1982). It’s obvious that his parents — based on comparisons to how they look in the below photos, taken more recently — have also been killed/executed then victimized by impostor-replacement, as well. As I’ve stated in a previous post — regarding Lindsay Lohan and her CIA-lebrity repla-CIA-ments — when a celebrity, politician or other public figure is repla-CIA-ed, they usually [ritually sacrifice, or kill/murder] and replace everyone else (with the general public being none the wiser), whether they’re friends, family, acquaintances and others within their immediate circle are replaced, as well. One of the reasons this is done is to keep this sort of mess under wraps, or covered up.

Pete Wentz w/ parents Pete Wentz II & Dale (née Lewis) Wentz at a fundraiser in Chicago, IL (January 2008). The Pete Wentz below appears to be the real deal. He’s cute, smiley, easygoing and friendly-looking. Photo Source

Pete & parents on the red carpet at “Angels and Kings Chicago” preview party in Chicago on his birthday (June 5th, 2008). The Pete Wentz below appears to be a double of sorts. He has that clone-look about him and he’s not as cute, but he’s more masculine.

His maternal grandfather is also cousin to bi-racial politician General Colin Powell — not to be mistaken for the British soccer player (footballer) Colin Powell — an American statesmen, 4-star general in the U.S. Army & 65th U.S. Secretary Of State. Knowing this about Pete’s background — including the fact that his father being a lily-white Jew of English & German descent — and who he’s related to I now know why he’d become famous. It’s all about who you know & are related to. That’s not to say that Pete isn’t talented — nor good-looking — b/c he is {although not the best bassist out there}. There are LOADS more celebrities that are significantly less attractive & talented than Pete. His band-mate and lead guitarist (Joe Trohman) is Jewish. [It seems that many bands who make it big have at least one member who’s Jewish.]

Anyway, although he’s not the lead singer of the group (as he can’t really sing) I still consider him the front-man, although he the band’s lyricist, plays bass and only does the backup vocals occasionally. His band-mate, partner and soul-mate Patrick Stump(h) sings the vocals and plays rhythm guitar. (I believe that Patrick was actually born Patricia, but I’ll get on that later on.)

But getting to the point… I truly believe that a picture is — or pictures are — worth a thousand words. I created the comp {seen in the below post} b/c I strongly believe that FOB bandleader Pete Wentz — in addition to the other 3 Fall Out Boy band members, their doubles/multiples notwithstanding — was wiped out & repla-CIA-ed at some point in time; there’s much evidence that points towards this rather disturbing trend & pattern of celebrity murders & their subsequent repla-CIA-ment(s) within the entertainment industry. I’m not as big a fan of this band as I am Panic! at the Disco — and therefore haven’t followed them as closely throughout their career(s) — but I’ve recently kinda gotten into them, mainly courtesy of the charismatic (& attractive, androgynous) Pete Wentz as well as his lovely yet secret wife, band mate and partner, Patrick/Patrice Stump. *lol*

Like everyone else within the entertainment industry & politics, each FOB member had a revolving door of doubles/multiples & clones… & ultimately replacements, unfortunately.

As I’ve pointed out so many times before the guys who replaced the original lineup of the FOB members are significantly less attractive — not to slam their looks or anything — these days. *Lol* As I already know, the current members of the current Fake “Fall Out Boy” also look different the the previous line-up… and it is NOT due to the natural aging or normal maturation process, either.

FOB got together in 2001, recorded their first album in 2002 & made their debut back in 2003 when they released their first studio record Take This To Your Grave May 6th, 2003; go figure that their debut album was named that… very foreshadowing & ominous, indeed.

See, the thing is that F.O.B. “disbanded” back in 2009 — the very same year Panic at the Disco did (notice I left out the “!”) [July 2009], except the breakup of F.O.B. took place roughly 3 mos. later after a Madison Square Garden concert in NYC — then came back to the limelight just last year looking noticeably different. VERY suspicious, if you ask me & want MY opinion about it. O_o

Here’s a rather interesting — and telling — quote I found over @ F.O.B.’s Wiki article about their disbanding & so-called “sabbatical”:

Rumors and misquotes led to confusion as to what such a break truly meant; Wentz preferred to not refer to the break as a “hiatus”, instead explaining that the band was just “decompressing.” Fall Out Boy played their last show at Madison Square Garden on October 4, 2009. Near the end, Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus (of American band Blink-182) shaved Wentz’s head in a move Rolling Stone would later describe as a “symbolic cleansing of the past, but also the beginning of a very dark chapter for the band.”

Back in the Old Testament of the Bible the shearing/shaving of a person’s head had a certain meaning to it (and it’s NOT good), which I’ll explain later on.

But other than that, the above reference tells me more about what happened to the band — thru innuendo — than anything else. I also believe Mark Hoppus — who kinda rubs me the wrong way, if I’m being honest — was FOB’s, mainly Pete’s, handler. Pete Wentz — the oldest member of the F.O.B. — was the handler(s) of P!ATD [both b/f AND after their replacement(s)] and the rest of the bands under the sub-record labelS Fueled By Ramen & Decaydence Records, a label Pete Wentz started. So to speak, it was all a matter of “passing the torch (down)” — as “Madonna”/Fadonna did w/ Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera {who wore white} at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards — from one generation to the next as some sort of ritualistic, coming-of-age rite-of-passage. [Fadonna also donned the black Worshipful Master Top Hat — as well as a tight black outfit — at this sordid awards ceremony.] Brendon Urie — the actual one — did as well (along with a cute suit that was black, white & red, which are Masonic, occult colors) in P!ATD’s debut music video “I Write Sins, Not Tragedies” from 2005 [see videos below].

There’s a point across by not only laying out some background of the band — and their leader — but to also affirm the things discussed here in regards of the sordid, demon-inspired things that take place within the entertainment industry. This also reinforces the fact that the events that take place right underneath people’s noses — who follow & consume any kind of toxic vomit that Trashy Tinseltown churns out — are NOT by accident, but happen for a reason & indeed have a purpose at the end of the day. As Henry Makow often states on his site, humanity has been inducted into [and colonized by] a satanic cult, unbeknownst to us, and this whole mess needs to be exposed for what it REALLY is. ::) (Plan to move this to another thread as well after we’re done with it.) 😎

On to the above comp I made myself… the rest are courtesy of Google Images. At first glance the pictures seem to be of the same person… except that he’s younger in the one on the left & older in the one to the right… right? WRONG… the above comp is of two different individuals, as I point out in their respective caption(s). The fella to the left — in the promo/publicity shot of the band from 2007 — is the real deal. (Although I’m not exactly sure about that [that is, being an original], but for argument’s sake — as is the case with The Beatles & their early doubles/multiples — let’s assume that he is.) However… if you take a closer look the man to the right — masquerading as Pete Wentz — you’ll see that he is indeed an impostor. Here are the differences — which are slight, but they’re there — I point I between the two:

-The real Pete Wentz has slightly larger eyes.
-A slightly wider mouth.
-Slightly fuller lips.
-A slightly longer, narrower chin.
-Has softer features & isn’t as mean-looking.
-Looks more boyish.
-Dressed better, looked cleaner & had a better sense of style.
-The planes & contours of his face are slightly different from the impostor who took his place.

But on the OTHER hand…

-The impostor has a longer neck [as clones tend to].
-Is NOT as attractive & is plainer-looking (the pic to the left doesn’t really do Pete justice, as he’s actually more handsome than that).
-Has a rougher, meaner look.
-Has a fuller, less angular jawline.
-His ears stick out a little further from his head.
-Looks much older (than usual).
-Doesn’t look as clean & doesn’t have as good a sense of style.
-Lifts his brow(s) & widens his eyes in attempt to make his eyes larger & to look more innocent. (The Fauls & Bills would purse & poke out their lips to try to “look cute” & imitate JPM’s full, doll-like pout, which was very much an eyesore, rather unsightly, cringe-worthy & embarrassing to look at. ;-|)

Both men also give off different energy profiles (or auras/vibes), which tells us that they are NOT the same people, but 2 different men. It’s also obvious that the man to our right is a clone b/c the mole on the side of his nose is in the same spot as the guy on the left, only it’s less raised. Fete has that sneaky, guilty ‘did-I-do-that?’ expression, whereas Pete looks more relaxed. Nothing is real. O_o (But mamma didn’t raise no fool, either.) *shaking my head* :-/


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