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The Illuminati’s ACTUAL M.O. (Modus Operandi) – My Comment(ary) Taken From YouTube

NOTE: Greetings, fellow earth-inhabitants. Sincerest apologies for taking so long to update this blog; since my mother didn’t pay the Internet bill my ‘Net service was disabled or interrupted for roughly 6 days. But I’m back now, and am as on fire about all of this conspiracy stuff — as well as how it relates to the Bible and the Last Days/End Times — as ever. Thanks for tuning in.

In light of all that’s going on all I have to say is that there is NO hope for The Banana Republik of Amerika; it’s FINISHED, nor is it worth saving. Everywhere I go/look things are getting WORSE [things are going back to seed again, so what more/less can we expect?], not to mention that they’re making me VERY sick to my stomach.

Based on what I already know concerning the vile, evil, wicked, filthy, perverted things that go on behind closed doors, God & heaven only KNOWS what else goes on besides what I already KNOW, which is only the VERY tip of the iceberg. Truth is (indeed) stranger than fiction.

I haven’t seen the video(s) yet, but I saw the preview snapshot/screen-capture of our so-called puppet “president” (eww, what a JOKE! Amerika NO longer has any real, official, legitimate leadership) being a DOUBLE for Osama bin Laden, the original who’s been dead since late 2001. Ever since that time it’s been impostors-galore who have taken on, stolen, assumed &/or co-opted Osama bin Laden’s identity. This doesn’t surprise me, as it’s already come out in the wash & dry that Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim/Mohammedan (anyone can tell by his name, connections, affiliations, etc. that he’s one).

And I can’t deny that Obama is one of the Osama bin Laden impostors, because I first found out about original celebrities, politicians, and other public figures being killed and replaced/repla-CIA-ed by hired CIA-lebrity impersonators — and even cloned — a year ago. What makes this even worse is that most of the the sheeple masses/general public has NO knowledge whatsoever of this. If they do then they turn their collective noses up at it.

Although it’s rather shocking, it’s NO surprise to me whatsoever that Michelle/Michael Obama (the original Michelle Robinson — who I believe was actually a female — has LONG since been killed… and possibly some time after high school or during her college years) and been impostor-replaced by these trannies, who are actually MEN! The current “Michael/Michelle Obama’s” are only but the latest in a string of impostors who have been assigned the ID of the original Michelle, who was ritually & sacrificially murdered decades ago. The same goes for Barack Obama, who now looks noticeably different than the ones — even the originals have doubles/multiples, twins &/or clones that co-exist along with them — who were alive back during childhood, adolescence & college. The same also goes for countless other celebrities, politicians and other public figures, from the A-list to the Z-list, whether small or great.

God showed me a while back that there are many celebrities, politicians and other public figures who are pretending to be one gender, but are actually the very OPPOSITE gender, but have got the indoctrinated, complacent, dumbed-down, brainwashed sheeple four-flushed because they look ONE way on the exterior but are something totally different within the interior, that the so-called “males” are actually FEMALES, & that the so-called “females” are actually MALES!

Bottom line? At the end of the LGBT agenda is NOT AT ALL about the rights of the following: gays, queers, homosexuals, lesbians, transvestites, transgenders, transsexuals, etc. NOR is Feminism & so-called ‘Women’s Liberation’ about equal rights, pay, opportunities, freedom(s), etc. for females/women. And neither is multiculturalism about the well-being & best interests of/for the rest of the world’s races, colors, cultures, (false) religions, creeds, nationalities, tribes, languages/tongues, etc.

You see, the Illuminati could CARELESS about us common-folk, the “little people” who are members of the already-enslaved general public. The reason I say this is that ANYONE with HALF a brain KNOWS the extensive damage that the aforementioned agendas — and many more in addition to these socialistic, communistic, Marxist, have done to today’s society. At the end of the day it’s ALL about pushing certain slants, biases, angles & agendas, and systematically and collectively indoctrinating, dumbing-down and brainwashing the masses until ultimately they’ve been conditioned to the point of eventually welcoming the Antichrist — who will be a homosexual/sodomite, and possibly even a hermaphrodite — the New World Order, taking on the Mark of the Beast [which will seal & damn their souls to hell/the Lake of Fire forever & ever & ever]. On top of that the Hidden Hand that rules the world is also fast pushing us towards a fascist Martial Law and a Totalitarian [Police State] Government.


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