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Hollywood, Music and More– Selling Their Souls: The Gay Ritual

Why O' Why?

Yet another one for the stubborn, naive-minded fans who are being led down the path of hell by those ‘celebs’ they idolize and worship sooo much!  A big thanks to Black Child on youtube for piecing this one together!!  Slam dunk!  Check the knowledge you guys because this one leaves NO WIGGLE ROOM! 

UPDATED: 7/15/2014 Maaaan… you guys have GOT to let me know when younazi takes down a clip as important as this one!  They did shut BlackChild down but if you want to find out more about what he’s exposing, here’s his new link (!   Thanks “T” for this EXTREMELY important update on a youtuber that is COMPLETELY down for the cause!  Yet ANOTHER Warrrior of God!!!

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