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Justin Bieber’s Hands in Eleuthria (More Shapeshifting PROOF)!

Why O' Why?

Seems yet another glimpse at “Justin” shapeshifting has surfaced!  Not sure if this is before or after his court appearance, but I’m SURE some foulness was going down!  No doubt! 

This image is from Bieber “celebrating” one of his birthdays at an “exclusive and elusive” location that few know about.  A little known place called; Eleuthera .  Just like “Anthony” LaVey (though I’m not able to confirm that Anton actually had a son named Anthony,) yet another describes the type of rituals these kids (who grow up and become your favorite “celebs”), DO endure.  Even Cathy O’brian (for example) describes these same sorts of goings on! It simply can’t be “by coincidence”, any longer.

BlackChild (on youtube) just released another “mind-bender” but digestible to even the newest comer to these subjects, that puts the signs right in our faces!  First, below is a zoomed in look at…

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