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*** Katt Williams Speaks About The Illuminati In Real Terms (VIDEO April 4, 2013) ***

Why O' Why?


WOW!  Just got this in (Thanks “T”)!  Peep this clip that I never saw prior to posting the full write-up below (my heart BREAKS for you, Katt cuz kids are off limits in ANY FIGHT)…


When this lil cat first hit the scene, I was actually living overseas and hadn’t witnessed him making his way ‘to the top’.  I was completely unaware of him  until I got an email with the following clip;

Friggin hilarious, wouldn’t you agree?  So anytime I could surf the net I’d look for more clips.  I had a love-hate thing for this guy.  I thought his routines were actually quite intelligent BUT that muthafuka was killing me with his use of the n-word!  So by the time I returned to the u.s., seems dude was ending his career so I actually sent him an email encouraging him NOT to…

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