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Paul McCartney Died (And Was Replaced With A Big Eyed HYBRID)?

Why O' Why?

And so it lives on, I suppose!  Many have heard and many have not, but this is not that big of a secret by today’s standards.   One thing about this “tale” that WILL stand out will be undeniable as you’ll soon see. 

Paul McCartney died in an auto accident a long time ago and was replaced, is what’s been said (researched, etc.).  HERE’s one of many links to give you an overview of this mystery.  I’ve looked into some of what’s been uncovered and the evidence is compelling.  I’m finding that there’s one sure thing I can count on when trying to decide if a ‘celeb’ is “one of them or not”.   Dig back into the archives (past)!  And remember this.  Television first entered our homes by way of analog– NOT digital.  If we can find footage even before television became much more sophisticated, then I say; “SHA-BAM! …

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