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Richard Pryor Speaking The TRUTH! Brace Yourselves!

Why O' Why?

Since finding insiders coming forward to tell the truth about how hollyhell really works is very rare and difficult to find, I decided to see if the truth is being told to us even when we don’t recognize it.  And then I stumbled upon this CLASSIC with Richard shedding truth in a way that no one expects!  Seems Richard had a “fed the fuck up moment” and let the cat out the proverbial bag during a Roast back in 1977. 

Now… for the youngsters who probably won’t know these folks he’s razzing on, they were writers on his show called; “The Richard Pryor Show”.  They are John Witherspoon (he played the dad in the movie; “Friday”,) Allison Allegra, Tim Reid (who later went on to star in a show called; “WKRP in Cincinatti”), Marsha Warfield who later starred in the tv show called; “Night Court” and finally Paul Mooney– he…

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