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The REAL/NAKED/UGLY TRUTH About What REALLY Happened in the Garden of Eden That Contributed to “The Fall”

I just don’t know & understand why this (very true) doctrine — including how all of this plays into predestination, found in the first chapter of the Book of Ephesians — isn’t being taught & preached in most churches. Unfortunately, even true Christians neither believe in the Serpent Seed NOR the predestination doctrine(s). I just pray that God not only opens their eyes to this, but also straightens them out in this particular area. I know it’s hard for folks to believe & accept, but it’s the truth, and kicking against it WON’T change it.

I also want to add that if you look through the entire first chapter of 1 Chronicles — which lists the BIOLOGICAL genealogies stemming from Adam & Eve — you will NOT find Cain’s name in there at ALL, because someone else fathered him. Eve cheated on her hubby Adam with someone else, and as a result her twin sons — Cain & Abel — are half-brothers. Moreover, since the Serpent was almost identical to a human being — except much larger & still purely animal — he succeeded in knocking Eve up (just as wild dogs can domestic dogs, and the same with wild and domestic cats being able to procreate/breed with each other).

The Serpent — NOT a snake, which he was turned into after God cursed him for having sexual relations with the human female, Eve — is the missing link between humans and animals, NOT evolution. [Why do you think many are so obsessed with this who Bigfoot phenomenon? Subconsciously, many KNOW there’s something significant that went on with this Bigfoot thing so long ago at the beginning of human history¬†(roughly 6,000+ years ago).] The reason Satan/Lucifer/the Devil entered into the Serpent was because he was closest entity to a human being, being able to talk, think, reason, stand upright on two legs, capable of impregnating a women — the weaker sex/gender/vessel, as the Bible describes us — not to mention more able to deceive her than the man.

I remember reading a sermon book by William M. Branham — the official angel/messenger to the 7th Church Age, Laodociea (sp?) that the Book of Revelation foretold of — and him saying that the Serpent (the first individual Satan/Lucifer/the Devil incarnated hisself in) was more handsome than Eve’s husband, Adam, which was part of the reason she fell for his (The Serpent’s) charms and slept with him.

No surprise there, because I remember my late pastor — who had a prophetic ministry & died 15 years ago of cancer and is now with the Lord — saying that Satan is “the designer of women” and therefore molds his children after him, which was why the Sons of God (Adamites, or descendents of Adam & Eve) left the plain-looking, hard-working, callous-handed Godly women and instead took up with, intermingled, married and had children by the Cainites (or descendants of Cain)… and for the very same reason that Eve found the “forbidden fruit” [the Serpent, his good looks, irresistable charm] nearly impossible to turn down.

The Sons of God taking up with the Daughters of Men was also the reason the giant race of people [Nephilim] came about (like Goliath of Gath, who David slew), and NOT because of supernatural, fallen angels having sexual relations with human women, which not only does NOT make right much good sense — as angels DO NOT have sexual organs & glands, according to the canon of Scripture(s) — but is one of the biggest false doctrines circulating in this day and time, coming straight out of the pits of hell. Many mean well by this false doctrine, but they’re still yet wrong.

The main reason I know that an adulterous, one-night-stand affair was the sin that got not only the Serpent cursed by God Almighty, but Adam & Eve kicked out of the Garden of Eden is because many times — even within the evil, wicked mass mainstream media — sex (specifically sexual temptation, titillation, adultery and/or sexual sin/fornication) is often referred to as “forbidden fruit”. This explains why so many struggle with lasciviousness [unrestrained sexual desire & lust] since the beginning of humanity, especially in this day and time. It NEVER made sense to me that a woman would eat an apple — or some other kind of fruit — get pregnant with an illegitimate/bastard son as a result (who would later on raise up and kill his own twin brother and tell a bald-headed, bold-faced lie to God’s face about it), thus her & her husband Adam’s eyes becoming open, bringing the whole world down into ruin.

You see, the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil represents Satan/Lucifer/the Devil, and the Tree of Life is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ strongly states that He is “The Way, The Truth and The LIFE. So the two trees in enmity between each other are NOT literal, physical, tangible trees, but are symbolic, proverbial, figurative and metaphorical meanings of something of a spiritual nature.

Well, the Book of Peter DID say that the Bible is of NO private interpretation, and that The Word should be ‘rightly divided’. The Bible is also a book of mysteries, and refers to people — even many saved/born-again folks — as “sheep”, who are quite dumb and need a shepherd to guide & keep them safe from the all the greedy false prophets, who are ravenous wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing that run rampant & lead multitudes astray more than ever before. The Scriptures were written by prophets — secretaries of whom the Holy Spirit/Ghost moved on/anointed to write the Word of God over a period of a little less than 2,000 years — and therefore it only makes sense that God would ordain prophets to interpret His Holy Word. God is a God of DECENCY & ORDER, and NOT — according to the same Bible — the “author of confusion”, as many falsely assume.

I remember going to a certain forum/message board years ago and sharing this Serpent Seed doctrine — in addition to others NOT taught &/or preached in churches these days — with these hypocritical, hormonal females (some who thought they were real Christians, but were NOT or else the fruits of their lives would have bore witness to this fact), and I was mocked and made fun of in the most awful manner. I was very hurt for a long time about this but I eventually got past it with the help of the Lord. I quit going there YEARS ago [and have NOT looked back, for there is NOTHING for me to go back to], because the people over there are absolutely NUTS and blind, deaf, dumb, stupid, ignorant reprobates who are totally and utterly deceived by the Evil/Wicked One and have rose-colored glasses on their eyes in regards to what’s going on in the world in these Last Days/End-Times. But it’s okay, because at least they will be without an excuse at the Final Judgment, because I did all I could, so my hands are clean and I wouldn’t want to stand in these people’s shoes on that Day for ALL the wealth in the world.

Go to to find out more about these corrupt Bible versions that have come about; very interesting and eye-opening.

When I not only read the Bible, but other works of literature written long ago, I not only find that that the English is a little different from today’s English, but was more eloquent — VERY little to NO slang used, unlike today — and employed the use of “big words”, or words not commonly heard or used in today’s casual, plain [and many times butchered] English. But then again, this is VERY much reflective of the day & age we’re currently live in, where NOTHING is as proper, elegant, classy, appropriate, sacred, etc. as it used to be.

For that reason, I just don’t understand why people — inspired by the Evil, Wicked One — want to diminished the Holy Bible, putting it into this box. It sure is strange that William Shakespeare’s works are in the VERY same Ye of Olde Englishe language, yet NO one’s attempted — even in the script of the “Romeo & Juliet” (1996) film, which was in the original Old English words of The Bard’s play — to translate his works into different versions of English. Just goes to show what the Evil/Wicked One is against and is threatened by, which is the Word of God –the King James Bible Version — which is a force to be reckoned with.

I’ve had ridiculing, derisive reactions from people of all walks of life over the years (concerning controversial, unpopular truths, conspiracies and doctrines), whether from family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, etc. But in retrospect I don’t take it personally because the Bible foretold that it would be this way, that we would be persecuted by the devil’s crowd because we believe The Truth, which is the VERY thing the Wicked One is VERY much against and threatened by. But of course this shows that things are going back to seed now, which means you’re gonna find out what it REALLY is… that is, the Children of the Holy One and the children of the Evil one are gonna become more manifest as the seeds of both the wheat & tares draw closer to maturity, until they’re finally separated at the end of this world as we know it.

Everywhere I look I’m seeing The Word’s prophecies being fulfilled… it’s so surreal that my finite, fleshly mind can hardly grasp it at times. Moreover, we wrestle — not with flesh and blood — but with demonic, satanic powers and principalities, who influence his people to act, dress, behave, live and believe as they do. But at least we won’t have blood on our hands at the Final Judgment because we tried to tell them, but they refused to listen to reason. As the African proverb states: “When one believes, sufficient proof is enough, but if one does NOT believe, then NO amount of evidence is enough”. The Bible says something very similar, stating, “Neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead”. So you see, it wouldn’t matter WHAT many folks saw, they would NOT believe, even when faced with irrefutable, concrete evidence or proof, which is a form of idolatry, according to the Scriptures, people worshiping their own shallow, preconceived, malformed opinions and all, but I digress.


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