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My Love Affair With Bathrooms, Part One: An Introduction

Vivacious Victorian

I feel like I’m in graduate school again, except instead of writing research on the American Wind Band, I’m writing about toilets.

Let’s. Do. This.

bathrooma 1911, via the NYC Public Library and

(I plan to sprinkle this post with eye candy of Victorian and period bathrooms and fixtures that I love, to distract you from the fact that this post really has no substance, and is just preparing you for whatever deep end I leap off of in subsequent posts. If you need more eye candy, VISIT THIS PINTEREST PAGE NOW!)

bathroomb 1920s, via Kohler Catalog and

bathroomc via

I was initially going to do a post about how the whole second and third floors are going to be configured, including their layouts, but after starting that, it was going to be a post that you would still be reading in March. So, I’m going to divide and conquer…

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