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My Love Affair With Bathrooms, Part One: An Introduction

Vivacious Victorian

I feel like I’m in graduate school again, except instead of writing research on the American Wind Band, I’m writing about toilets.

Let’s. Do. This.

bathrooma 1911, via the NYC Public Library and

(I plan to sprinkle this post with eye candy of Victorian and period bathrooms and fixtures that I love, to distract you from the fact that this post really has no substance, and is just preparing you for whatever deep end I leap off of in subsequent posts. If you need more eye candy, VISIT THIS PINTEREST PAGE NOW!)

bathroomb 1920s, via Kohler Catalog and

bathroomc via

I was initially going to do a post about how the whole second and third floors are going to be configured, including their layouts, but after starting that, it was going to be a post that you would still be reading in March. So, I’m going to divide and conquer…

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Black Folks Dancing to COUNTRY AND WESTERN??? Hilarious!! :)

Why O' Why?

Couldn’t QUITE decide on a title that I ACTUALLY liked (may change this one later) but thought this was a GOOD chuckle! lol  Our timing and rhythm is truly “off tha CHAIN”!  LOL  Thanks again, “T” for the clip– you ROCK! 🙂

Just a lil’ note before viewing. 🙂  I grew up in “white world” meaning… there were only 4 black people in my entire HIGH SCHOOL!!! lol Prior to THAT… it was only me and my sister who were “the Black kids in OUR school”– lol) so this clip may only chuckle me, but thought it was worthy of a share for a chuckle before I FINALLY “tackle.. PIZZAGATE”! UGH!!!  Just ugh, ya’ll!!!

By the way… when I do Karaoke (yep, I’ve enjoyed a fun Karaoke nite or two– tee hee) I AWLAYS trip out my friends (AND the audience) when I sing Patsy Cline’s “Walkin’ After Midnight”!!!  hahaha…

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Subliminal Ads: A New Installment (I’ve got something for the kiddies too)!

Why O' Why?

See if you can find the word “SEX” in this poster because it’s there:Before I point it out, I want to share a little thing that I do to unwind that I think “might” have sharpened my “skills” for lack of a better word on truly being able to see things that are in plain sight.  I like to go to this website called Escape Games 24 for their free online games.  They have all kinds but I like the “escape the room”, “spot the difference” and “hidden object” type of games.  When I just want to chill before bedtime but sort of use my mind at the same time but not so much that I can’t sleep, I have find that it works for me.  I’m finding that since I’ve been playing some of these games, in particular “difference/hidden”, I’m noticing that I actually can see quite a…

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Ritual Child Abuse and MK Ultra or Mind Control… is it real?

Why O' Why?


Well, of course it is.  What’s sort of surprising are the amount of powerful and wealthy parents who participate and offer their children up in these sick sacrifices.  This is a huge global problem and I for one do not intend to pretend that it doesn’t exist.  These young lives are forever ruined.  I could never imagine the things that they’ve endured that is to say, if they are not killed during these rituals.  Yes, they are sacrificing children to their god which is Satan/Lucifer.  Now… I do not intend to take this post to some preaching of the Word of God, my only aim is to try my best to introduce you to this disturbing reality.  Why?  Because of the mind control aspect.  Mind Control is almost completely undetectable…

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How a leading American fashion model came to be experimented upon by the CIA mind control team

Why O' Why?

I’m posting this one for two reasons; 1) it’s a damn good read– I plan to purchase the book; 2) this could be a real glimpse into MK Ultra.  While I don’t want to spoil the read for you, here are a few excerpts:

While preparing for bed, Candy began speaking again in the voice Nebel had heard earlier. Even more alarming, this strange personality within Candy had a completely different attitude towards him; ‘she’ sounded cruel, mocking and cold. When Nebel asked her about it, Candy was astonished; she hadn’t noticed the emergence of another voice or personality.

This operation was vast and highly organised. Candy – as Arlene, the virtual zombie – visited training camps, military bases and secret medical facilities all over America. She was studied and trained in every aspect of covert action, including explosives, close combat with improvised weaponry, disguise and communications. She was taught…

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In Search of Black Assassins

The Little Mad Genius and the Wilderness of Mirrors


“Remember: the enemy has only images and ILLUSIONS behind which he hides his true motive. Destroy the images and you will break the enemy.”Shaolin Abbott to Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon[1]

Katt Williams opens a rare window into the struggle of a CIA MONARCH/MK ULTRA child victim to break free. It is rare to see it all playing out in the public domain like a Bourne Identity.

The Bourne Identity is a 2002 HollyWeird American-German action spy film loosely based on Robert Ludlum’s novel of the same name. Manchurian Candidate Jason Bourne was rescued from the ocean suffering from two bullet wounds. He recovered, but suffered from post-hypnotic amnesia barriers implanted by the CIA as cover for its clandestine assassination operations. Bourne struggles in an attempt to discover his true identity to break free from mind control programming…

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